22-200 Peter Max Original Cosmic Poster 1968


Offered here is an original poster mailed as a promotion for Capitol Records in 1968. The artwork appears on both sides. We chose the more popular side to face out. If you de-frame it, you’ll see the grinning smiles on the verso.

Peter Max often recycled his artwork. For example, this same art was used to promote a “hippie” clothing store “The Different Drummer” in NYC. In 1969 Peter Max appeared on the cover of Life magazine, was on the Ed Sullivan Show, and was on the The NBC Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

From the Peter Max website: “This rare and vintage poster exemplifies this era of the artist’s work where his colorful and euphoric subjects explore fantastical worlds. Max’s uplifting interpretation of pop art, addressing the love-and-peace movement and the optimism of the space age, brought him international recognition, broad popularity and celebrated museum and gallery exhibitions.”

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