23-179 Saul Steinberg “Don’t” Vintage Print


The American artist, cartoonist, and illustrator Saul Steinberg remains a hero of mine. He lived near me on Union Square in NYC and spent his later years near me in East Hampton. He had a tremendous influence on my art. He was a frequent contributor to The New Yorker magazine. So was my stepfather Joseph Farris. Steinberg’s creativity and humor is apparent in this drawing titled “Don’t.” What’s offered here is a vintage lithographic reproduction, produced in high fidelity by The Galerie Maeght in their magazine “Derriere le Miroir” to promote a Paris exhibition of his work in 1966. The artwork is 11 × 15 inches, framed in matte black. Overall size is 16½ × 20½ inches.

Steinberg went on to become quite famous and had his own solo show at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

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