22-375JR Jesse Reece Art Glass Vase


5 inch tall art glass vase signed by Jesse Reece, 1996. This artwork features blue and green glass encased in clear. Ray is honored to present collectible one-of-a-kind functional glass sculptures by Jesse Reece of East Marion, NY. Reece is a highly creative glass artist know for his large, sculptural objects in vivid colors and textures. Each piece is unique, a result of the mouth-blown, hand-shaped process of one-man glassmaking.
Liz Taylor owned a trio of vases by Reece that matched her eyes. These sold for nearly $7,000 at auction. His work was at Tiffany & Co. and other luxury retailers.
It’s worth noting that Reece is no longer blowing glass so the collection is finite. There’s very little of his work on the secondary market.
From the NY Times: As a child in East Meadow, he was captivated by glass after he saw his grandfather, a Moldovan immigrant, pour Cognac from a hand-cut crystal decanter into an elegant snifter. “The glass pieces stood out as some other-worldly element,” he said. “Conceptually, what I think is most important about my pieces is that they’re functional works of art.”

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