23-077 The Chamois Poster by Jon Aron


This artwork is by my father Jon Aron. It was featured on a promotional poster for his design firm. This version is a fine art, gallery-quality pigment print on matte archival paper using fade-free 12-color archival inks for crisp contrasts and 100-year longevity. It measures 24 × 34 inches in an espresso wood tone frame with gallery acrylic glazing.

It featured this text:

The Chamois

The Chamois inhabits
Lucerne, where his habits
(Though why I have not an idea-r)
Give him sudden short spasms
On the brink of deep chasms,
And he lives in perpetual fear.
—H. Belloc

This poem is from “More Beasts for Worse Children” by the French-English poet Hilaire Belloc, 1897.

The original 1964 poster was printed in purple ink on olive green paper. It hung above his desk. Cool.

The sales copy: For information on the champions of this remarkable beast consult Trinkaus, Aron & Wayman of Norwalk Connecticut. Devotees of fresh graphic design, Crusaders for more exciting sales promotion and Partisans of progressive companies.

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