23-180 Henri Charles Guérard Effet de Lune, Honfleur


“Effet de Lune, Honfleur” (“Effect of the Moon, Honfleur”) by the French printmaker and painter Henri Charles Guérard, 1895. Honfleur is a port town on the northern coast of France.

This image was produced three ways. The other image may be found on this website.

Offered is reproduction from the original—an archival pigment print in a handmade custom black and oak frame with a gallery acrylic face and a double-thick 8-ply acid-free mat. 18 x 24 inches framed.

“Henri-Charles Guérard was one of the most skilled and inventive French printmakers of his day. It was to Guérard that the Impressionist painter Édouard Manet turned whenever he needed help making etchings, no doubt owing to Guérard’s expertise as a professional printmaker as well as to his innovative approach to the medium. He reacted to a broad array of artistic styles and worked in a variety of print techniques, testing the boundaries of each. Particularly noteworthy in this regard are his works that respond to the nineteenth-century vogue for Japanese ukiyo-e woodcuts, which embody some of the artist’s most original expressions.” (NYPL)