23-314DC “Roll Down” 1965 Rosenquist Lithograph 18×22


“Roll Down” is the title of the artwork by James Rosenquist, done in 1965. This is a color lithograph printed on wove art paper. Each color was printed from an individual plate, much like a silkscreen print. 18 × 22 inches. The Art Institute of Chicago has one in their permanent collection. Unsigned. A very faint bit of age toning on the edges.

As far as we can tell, this print is from the original run printed in 1965 by Universal Limited Art Editions, Inc.
 This art later appeared in a calendar produced by Dumont Art in 1972. The later printing said “Dumont Art 72 at the bottom. This one does not.

“James Rosenquist (November 29, 1933 – March 31, 2017) became well known in the 1960s as a leading American Pop artist alongside contemporaries Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg, and other figurative artists. As with his contemporaries, Rosenquist’s background in commercial art deeply influenced his nascent fine-art career and radically changed the face of the art world and the annals of art history. While each Pop artist developed a distinct style, there were commonalities in their approaches to image-making that helped define the Pop art movement in the early 1960s: the use of commercial art techniques, and the depiction of popular imagery and everyday objects.” – jamesrosenquiststudio.com