23-315DC Jean Arp 1972 Exhibition Poster 16×22


Offered here is an original vintage 1972 silkscreen print on warm gray laid art paper promoting an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. 16¼ × 22½ inches. Fine condition with signs of handling. There is a slight smudge in the black ink done when the print was pulled. Unsigned. The Met showcased Jean Arp’s work from the Lejwa’s collection and a few works lent by Arp’s widow, Marguerite Arp. The exhibition was expanded and traveled as “Arp 1877–1966,” first exhibited at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and then shown in seven museums in the United States and six in Australia.

Hans Peter Wilhelm Arp 1886-1966), better known as Jean Arp in English, was a German-French sculptor, painter, and poet. He was known as a Dadaist and an abstract artist. (Wikipedia)

Note: we recommend linen backing to eliminate the wavy paper prior to framing.

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