23-320DC Olympic Games 1972 Gymnastics Poster 33×47

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Otl Aicher designed the posters for the 1972 Olympic Games held in Munich. He solarized photographs of athletes, removed any distracting backgrounds, and composed them in the International Style using the font Univers. Timeless colorful modernist design. This is the largest format at 33 x 47 inches. Very hard to find this large size version. Edition unknown.

These original vintage silkscreen posters were hand-carried back from Munich in 1973, kept in storage, and never framed or displayed. Therefore the original vibrant color has not faded and the edge condition is excellent with minimal signs of handling. We have not framed them yet. Consider grouping them. This is not a modern reproduction—it is the original poster. Caption at bottom: Foto: Max Mühlberger, 07.70.09/A, Printed in Germany by Gerber, München

Otl Aicher (aka Otto Aicher, German, 1922-1991) formed the Ulm School of Design with Max Bill. Aicher was heavily involved in corporate branding and is considered one of the pioneers of corporate design. Ex: logos for Braun and Lufthansa. He designed the icons for the Olympics, which were the inspiration for the U.S. Department of Transportation icons still in use today. His work is in the permanent collection of the MoMA in NYC.

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