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Ray New York Website Font

We selected Hepta Slab as the main font for our 2021 website update. It was designed by Mike LaGattuta and published by Google fonts.

hepta-slab-Mike-LaGattutaIt is based on the fabulous work-a-day font Antique 307 by the Bruce Foundry. It first appeared around 1840.

antique-307-font-library-of-congressWe’re very fond of slab serif fonts. Another favorite is Egiziano, a font popularized by Roger Black in the 1970s when he redesigned Rolling Stone.


You can see this font in use on our sign in front of the shop. In the 1970s, when I worked for Herb Lubalin, I specified ITC Lubalin Graph quite often. Graph was the slab serif version of Avant Garde.


When I worked at Pushpin Studios I was told not to use Lubalin Graph, but instead, to use Memphis. Thanks Seymour. Good idea.